I had a great relaxing & sensual massage. KATRIN is much more sweet and beautiful in real life...I recently visited for (I think) my third session with Katrin and thought it was high time I left a review for her.First, she is absolutely gorgeous and welcomes you with a lovely smile. I think she seems a bit shy at first but that doesn't last long!The room and overall ambience are, of course, wonderful as anyone who has been here will agree - it immediately hints at something special. After a shower I assumed the position and Katrin started doing her thing. She mixes a slow, gentle massage with enough little tickles to keep things interesting, and shortly before asking to turn over she did something with her hand - I'm really not quite sure what! - that gave me an erection almost instantly. No idea how she does it but it was sublime.After asking me to turn over she massaged my front very slowly - everything happens at such a lovely, deliberate pace, gradually gradually building up.Katrin has the same special skill with her hands. Somehow she knows exactly what to do to get a reaction and it is absolutely terrific.Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you again!